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Aloft Foto provides high quality Photography and Aerial Photography for Real Estate Agents, FSBO (for sale by owner), VRBO (vacation rental by owner), property management firms, Architects, Designers, and anyone else in need of distinctive marketing photography for their business. Combining years of experience, the Aloft Foto team can take your listings to the next level. By using a blend of natural light, supplemental lighting with strobes, and cutting-edge photoshop techniques, we deliver clean, and crisp images on every shoot. You'll find us easy to communicate with, flexible in scheduling, and consistent with the work we deliver.   Experience the difference today!  


More than just taking pictures.


It's not just about getting great shots of a property, it's also about living up to, and exceeding your clients expectations. Most importantly, it's about what your brand looks like. How you're perceived to potential clients.

We believe there are three principle goals for great visual marketing

  • The first is to create and leverage YOUR BRAND, enabling you to garner the clients YOU WANT.

  • The second is to provide you with leverage before the Home Buyer steps through the door- great photography should plant the seed of quality.

  • And the third is to provide much needed RELIEF for the home buyer.

How do we as visual service providers supply relief to our clients? Ease of use, adherence to compositional rules, building depth with the senses, and playing to the heart instead of the brain. In short- making our clients work less. They're bombarded with complex decisions all day long. As a culture, we're combating the digital noise by taking a more minimalistic approach to our lives- it would be a disservice if we didn't implant that into our marketing. 

Your job is to find that ONE person who falls in love with your home. Our job is to do everything we can to help you find her.


Interior Photography

Click on image for more examples of our interiors...

Click on image for more examples of our interiors...

Everything done by hand

The final images I deliver are composites of many different shots. By lighting elements in the scene individually, I can assemble a superior selection of images to work from. The post-production work I do leverages techniques which are on the cutting edge. The look I produce has only been possible over the last few years. That’s something which really makes the images I produce stand out.

Exterior/ Aerial Photography

Click on image for more examples of our Exteriors & Aerials...

Click on image for more examples of our Exteriors & Aerials...

Timing. Composition. Experience.

The front exterior will typically be the first photo your clients view. We'll find the optimal time of day, and best angles to show it off at it's full potential.


Click on image for more Lifestyle examples...

Click on image for more Lifestyle examples...

headshots/ corporate lifestyle/ product

Aloft Foto also offers Professional Head-Shots, Corporate Event Coverage, and Candid/ Stylized Lifestyle Photography. Please contact us for more information.


“You’re online presence is the new curbside”



Preparation is a key element in achieving great listing photos. Feel free to forward this list to your clients.

Kick back and let us do the work...

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