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If you’re Building Your Brand…

high quality photography can provide a sense of what customers can expect—it can entice them with openness, or intrigue them with mystery. It can draw the viewer in and help them lose themselves in the images. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into making the subject matter evoke the message you’re looking to get across. Every type of photography has its own secrets, and architectural photography is probably more complex than most. A good set of images can set a tone for your subject.

  • The final images I deliver are composites of many different shots. By lighting elements in the scene individually, I can assemble a superior selection of images to work from. The post-production work I do leverages techniques which are on the cutting edge. The look I produce has only been possible over the last few years. That’s something which really makes the images I produce stand out.

  • I pay a great deal of attention to cultural shifts, and how that affects visual marketing strategies. Then I implement those trends into a product that will benefit you. As a society in general, we're taking a minimal approach to our lives in order to combat the digital noise. Our attention spans haven't gotten shorter, we're simply more capable of weeding out the clutter faster. I have injected this into my photography style with clean, crisp compositions that focus the eye on things that matter.

  • I equate being on time with professionalism. I don't show up late to your shoots.

  • When I shoot for YOUR BRAND- it’s a direct reflection on me.

  • I listen to what's important to you, and then I adapt.

  • If you work with me on a consistent basis, your ‘look’ will become recognizable.

  • There is only a small handful of photographers in South Florida that use the same techniques that I utilize. And- there are hundreds of listings your potential clients are sifting through. How important is it for your images to stand out?

    My goal is to partner with businesses that want a product that stands out from the endless sea of ‘good enough’ marketing.

I was referred to Brian and Aloft Foto from a trusted Broker. I have used Brian as my only photographer for the past several months and highly recommend him to others. His service is quick, professional and he is always accommodating, no matter the circumstance. He provides the same outstanding service no matter the property; from a small home, to a large renovation, Brian never rushes through a shoot, always providing the same level of attention and detail, yet knows the urgency of a quick turnaround. All of my clients have been impressed with the photographs Brian has provided, and he makes my job easier. Aloft Foto is my “go-to” for all photography needs! Janet Moller, PA The K Company